This is a Call to Action About a Topic That Affects Us All

You can make a difference by using your voice to educate lawmakers on the consequences of their actions.

  • We just became aware of Massachusetts Senate Bill S2461, which is moving quickly through the legislature. Legislators are very concerned about human trafficking and do not want to appear in any way “soft” on it. The Bill has been through two votes in the Senate without a single “No vote” and is moving to the House for consideration in Committees there before a floor vote.

  • If this Bill passes, Reiki practitioners will not be able to practice Reiki in Massachusetts without first having a license from the state.

  • The following modalities are affected by Bill S2461:

  • Feldenkrais method; reflexology; Trager Approach; Ayurvedic Therapies; Rolf Structural Integration, Polarity Therapy; Asian bodywork therapy; acupressure; Jin Shin Do; Qi Gong; Tui Na; Shiatsu; body-mind centering and Reiki.  These modalities are being placed in the category of “Bodywork”.

  • The Joint Committee on Healthcare Financing will be taking testimony via email from interested parties; the committee has only until August 27th to move this through- there is a very good chance that they will not take the full time to review this bill.

  • That is why we are calling for a  Call To Action today.

  • First, some more background on Bill S2461:

  • All practitioners listed above will need a license from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to practice.

  • This Bill classifies Reiki as a “bodywork therapy.”

  • This bill is based on a misunderstanding of Reiki and a misunderstanding of “Bodywork”.

  • There is no such profession as “bodywork” or “bodywork therapy”.

  • Further, many Reiki practitioners define Reiki as a mind-body-spirit healing practice and not “bodywork” at all.

  • “Bodywork” is just a catch-all term for a broad field containing many disciplines, some of which are full professions that already have their own bodies of knowledge, educational programs, codes of ethics, standards of practice, etc. as well as professional organizations to administer these.

  • According to the Bill, all practitioners, including Reiki practitioners, must pass a course of study consisting of at least 500 classroom hours or an equivalent number of credit hours of supervised instruction in a nationally accredited bodywork therapy program”.

  • As you know this is not applicable to Reiki practitioners, as we do not have a “nationally accredited program”, nor does Reiki training require “at least 500 classroom hours.”

  • This bill would harm our practitioners and the citizens of Massachusetts who benefit from their services.

  • Citizens of Massachusetts receiving services from these practitioners would no longer be able to continue receiving the benefits these modalities have to offer. (ie: Cancer Patients)

  • You can make a difference by using your voice to educate lawmakers on the consequences of their actions.



Become informed and read the Bill itself.

Please send an email ASAP to the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing and include the following:

1. Salutation: Dear So and So

2. Subject: Opposition to S2461

3. Your name and address

4. State that you are a Reiki (and/or other) Practitioner

5. Say you oppose the passing of S2461

6. State the reasons why you oppose S2461.  This is an impact statement of how this Bill would adversely affect you and your business personally.  Be sure to personalize your letter:

  • If you are a Reiki practitioner, state the negative consequences the bill would have on your practice, e.g., the bill would put you out of business, create unnecessary expenses, the bill does not understand what Reiki is and does not understand what bodywork is.

  • If you are a Reiki recipient, please state the negative impact the bill would have on you and your loved ones, e.g. you would no longer be able to receive the services/benefits of (include the name of the modality).

  • Please do not wait to send this. The email does not have to be long or complicated. Take a few minutes and send it out today. Everything depends on everyone taking action now.

  • It is very important to follow up your email with a phone call and be sure to ask them to officially log your call in opposition to the bill.

  • Reach out to your loyal clients for them to write an impact statement to send to the committee, as well.

  • Please volunteer, even if you do not reside in Massachusetts. We need help getting the word out. If you can spare time to make phone calls, send emails, etc.

You may choose to email and call all members of the Healthcare Finance Committee.  Emails listed here:

House members of the Healthcare Finance Committee:

>> To call:

Senate members of the Healthcare Finance Committee:

>> barbara.l’
>> To call:


Please email us if you would like more information or assistance in composing your letter.  We can provide a sample letter, but kindly personalize it.  Templates and Boilerplates are not as effective.

~Thank you~

Much gratitude to all collaborators:  Lourdes Gray, Rita Kraner, Matthew McDonald, Jim Noriega, Shannon Brisson, Cecelia Staryos, Joanna Scaparotti, Judy Bousquin, Elise Brenner


Donna Greenhalge

Sr. HRIT Analyst

Tel: 781-271-5379

Fax: 781-271-8200




8 Responses to REIKI MAY STOP IN MASSACHUSETTS We need your help
  1. Sherrye Weinstein
    August 17, 2016 | 3:12 pm

    Thank you for circulating this. I emailed everyone on the list, and three bounced back due to incorrect names/emails. I am circulating this widely, so please make the following corrections: Bruce Tarr is not Bruce “Tarra”, so please use James Welch is not “Welsh”,so use . And lastly, Barbara L’italien’s name begins with an “L” that has been misinterpreted as an “I”, so make sure you use an L. You can probably use the capital, as in barbara.L’, but as long as you make sure it’s an L it should be fine. I copied and pasted the above addresses into my emails, and apparently an “i” was used instead of an “L” above. You might also want to include House Chair Jeffrey Sanchez,, and Vice Chair Lori Ehrlich, . Thank you for all you are doing! (P.S. Has anybody started a petition? If you could do that, it would probably go viral.)

    • Sally Bowers
      September 20, 2016 | 4:47 pm

      HI SHerrye,

      I don’t know what the outcome of this is, but I pray it was declined. Those wanting it truly do not know what Reiki is or how many people it helps. Hopefully The Universe has taken over all our energetic pleas for help!! (Yes I know it’s up to us but a little help cant hurt)

      Here’s to Reiki practitioners everywhere <3<3<3

  2. Cynthia A. Tata
    August 22, 2016 | 11:14 pm

    I am opposed to the termination of Bill S2461.

    Without the help and physical relief from the Reiki treatments I received my physical mobility would be greatly impaired. I have never received any positive solutions from my personal physician except we could operate but the problem will only return. NOT SO, with these treatment I have eliminated the used of compression stocking (18 hr. a day in this recent heat is unbearable and a leg pump machine which I used to be on 2 hours every day. I NO LONGER need to do either, THANKS TO MY REIKI practitioner. She has been the ONLY positive relief and positive results in my 50 years of living with this condition. Primary lymphedema.

    • Sally Bowers
      September 20, 2016 | 4:39 pm

      Cynthia, I’m so happy you are getting relief. I honestly believe that those putting this bill up have no idea what Reiki is, probably haven’t experienced it from a truly dedicated practitioner, and need to do a lot more research. I don’t know what happened but I pray it was turned down.

      Keep receiving!!!
      Sally :)

  3. Jessica
    September 12, 2016 | 10:19 pm

    Great work on supporting this!

  4. ChiChi
    February 23, 2017 | 12:15 am

    Is there any update on this? Did it pass? Please update so consumers know whats going on.

    • Sally Bowers
      May 17, 2017 | 10:14 pm

      As far as I know it hasn’t passed. Not yet anyway. I haven’t heard much about this since, sorry. :(

    • Sally Bowers
      February 17, 2019 | 4:02 am

      I was told this did not pass.

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