Wonderful, sensitive, and accurate Tarot readings, Astrology readings, as well as classes to learn Tarot, Chakras, Intuitive development.
Check out Mary D’Alba, CSO of and the Wake up your magic Studio in Winchester, Ma.

If you want to learn how to talk to Angels, as well as grow and transform personally, This incredible lady offers phenominal classes and readings!
Elizabeth Foley is owner of of Nashua, NH.  Check out her classes and workshops on her site! You won’t be disappointed :)  

Michelle McCarthy, RMT  (Usui, Karuna, Kundalini and Lightarian), IET-Master Instructor and one of only 7 IET-Master Instructor/Trainers in the world.  She’s also a distributor for the Amethyst BioMat – which adds an amazing spin to the healing work she facilitates.
Michelle McCarthy, CSO of Agawam, Ma. 

If you are looking for a great hypnotist… you need to see Sue!  She does Hypnosis of every type, as well as past life regressions, intuitive readings, IET-Reiki healing, and so much  more.  She holds classes in the Lee, NH area.  Her email is . 

An Intuitive Artist with beautifully hand painted apparel, as well as indepth intuitive angel readings
Susi Marrotte, owner of (Coming soon)      Email: 


Excellent Spiritual Medium and Teacher in the Keene, NH area
Deb Miller, owner of 

Internationally known Medium from Mass.  Powerful Medium and teacher! 

Phenominal Astrologer with classes in NH and Mass.  If you’ve ever wanted to have your charts done.. See Dorothy!
Dorothy Morgan, owner of  

Learn everything about Integrated Energy Therapy 

Learn about the Lightarian Institute and it’s programs in detail 

My all-time favorite site for crystals!!! Deborah is extremely knowledgable.
She has a knack for picking out the right crystal for your energy signature.
Deborah Burton, Owner of 

Great Metaphysical Store in Andover, Ma.
(Crystals, books, CD’s, Oracle cards, jewelry, decor, and Awesome CLASSES!!!) 

Peaceful Spa for all your relaxation needs Westminster, Ma. 

Highly Recommended *Mind, Body, & Spirit* healing center in Fitchburg, Ma. 

Beautifully handcrafted Spiritually Infused Jewelry 

Beautifully Spiritually guided artwork and classes
You have to see to truly appreciate! 

Doreen Virtue’s website 

Incredible Butterfly Place out in Western Mass. 

Great site for Hiking!! 

If you’re looking to find a group of people who share your interests (metaphysical, knitting, hiking, reading, etc.) this is NOT a dating site.  It’s a place where you can get together with others to do fun activities
that you are interested in. :)   Check it out! 

****If you’re looking to build your customer base… check out
They specialize in business marketing & audience development. 

Looking for a place that does Great Nails? Great hair?  And Energy healing work?
All in one place??  Check out Located on Airport Rd.
In Fitchburg, Ma. (Next to Il Forno).